Elementary School For Investors on August 29th

Elementary School For Investors is a hands-on, hype-free classroom event with valuable elem_school_02demonstration of the steps to help you become a successful investor/homebuyer.

Our next first day event is on August 29th, from 9-5, class room near you. Reserve your spot now!

At our first event attendees found out what the "secret sauce" is. They learned how to apply the formula for maximum profits. Only here you get insider tips  to make your next deal pay off big.
Gain all the knowledge: Learn and do the steps to flip or invest in real estate. 

Here is what our members are saying about the last 1 day event on April 25th:

Matt: "So much legit information. My knowledge has increased exponentially."

Teresa: "Fun meetup with great information! Since Lenska is a real estate broker and investor, she really knows the insider details of the rehabbing business. You can definitely increase your real estate IQ in this class while learning in enjoyable and interesting atmosphere."

Suzanne: "Great information, insights and experience.  Lenska is an exceptional organizer/host who fosters a great atmosphere to learn and share information."

Make a reservation at Meetup!

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